Finland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, UK, Norway Russia, France, Vatican, USA, Kosovo, Albania...56 Exhibitions altogether

Ritva with KFOR soldiers in Kosovo 2008 (image: Tanja Tamminen)

Tanja Tamminen, Ritva Luukkanen and Minister Hoxha in the Kosovo Exhibition

Introducing the exhibition to Kosovan women's organizations 2008 (image: Tanja Tamminen)

Ritva in Kruja, Albania 2008 (image: Tanja Tamminen)

Tirana, Albania 2008

Tirana, Albania 2008

St. Petersburg, Russia 1990

International Exhibitions

Sweden, Stockholm, Gallery Bengtson 1982

Germany, Hamburg, 1985

Sweden, Solna, Culture Center 1985

Norway , Ski, Culture Center 1985

Denmark, Gladsaxe, Culture Center 1985

Russia, St Petersburg / Peterhof, Benoit Museum 1990

UK, London, Finnish Institute 1992 and Culture Center Espace Georges Bernanos 1995

France,  La Roche-sur-Yon, Culture Center Notre-Dame-du-Roc 1995

Lyon, Gallery 1995

Macon, Culture Center Francois-Martin 1995

USA,  Boston, Boston Room, Boston Public Library 1997

USA, Minneapolis, Department of Art Augsburg College 1999

Kosovo,  Pristina, The Kosova Art Gallery 2008

Albania,  Tirana, The National Gallery of Arts 2008

The Lord's Prayer - Stone mosaic prayer book

Ritva Luukkanen tells that a few years ago she began pondering the Lord's Prayer. However, she assured herself that this would be a theme impossible for a stone mosaic. "I nearly got angry with myself. After thinking about it for weeks, I decided to just start working on it. It simply didn't let go of me."Archibishop John Vikström wished to see the work and considered it to be an ecumenical project.

It was toured in the premises of Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic churches. Eventually the doors opened for it in Vatican and even on mount Athos. On the last page there are silver emblems to commemorate the places the Prayer has toured. Only one place is missing so essential to Christian faith, the beginning itself, Jerusalem.

The Lords Prayer travelled a long way

52x51x24 cm, 63 kg, 1991-1994

The Lords Prayer

The Book of Stone

Silver emblems

Picturing the Persian Language Kalevala

Ritva Luukkanen with Kiamars Baghbani

Myths of The Kalevala (Finnish Epic) for Persian speaking youth. 
Retold in Persian Kiamars Baghbani. 2011 (vol 1) 2012 (vol 2)

"I find Ritva's poetry easy to understand and translate, 
because in many ways it resembles the oriental poetry. 
Interaction between man and nature is strongly present, 
and the book as an entity seems like a long, beautiful poem."
Kiamars Baghbani 

Published Poetry

Kirposi kivi ja sana helisi (The stone opened and the word clang)  poems and art 1991 (translated to Swedish, English, German, French)

Sydämeni (My heart)  1995

Ziemelmeita (anthology from poets from 9 countries) 1995

Kohtaloni unet (Dreams of my destiny) 1999 (translated to Polish, English, French, Albanian in 2008)

Kaukaa lähellä (Far Close) 2000

Tiimalasi (Sandglass) 2000 (translated to English, Albanian in 2008)

Ethel 2001

Kolme sinettiä (Three seals), 2004´(transl. to Albanian, English, French and Polish)

Pitsinenäliina (Lace handkerchief),  2006

Tuohuksentuoja (Candle carrier), 2011 (translated to Persian)

Ritva Luukkanen has donated the profist from her poetry book to the University of Tampere. So far the sales of the book with the connected donations and state funding has summed up to 31 000 euros.

Main Artworks in Public Display

  • Hän ja hänen hattunsa (He and his hat), Pirkkala library, Pirkkala, Finland
  • Sananvapaus(Freedom of speech), Villa Urpo, Tampere, Finland
  • Kyyhkysten syöttäjä (Feeding doves), Raahe Central school, Raahe, Finland
  • Madre Ursula, St. Ursula Parish, Kouvola, Finland
  • Juhani Ojutkangas (portrait), Tampere City Mission, Tampere, Finland
  • Kysyn kukkaselta (I'll ask the flower), Research Foundation of Child Psychiatry, Tampere, Finland
  • Sirkka Merikoski (portrait), City of Tampere, Pikkupalatsi, Tampere, Finland
  • Kevät (Spring), Stone museum, Tampere, Finland
  • Altarpiece Karitsat (Lambs), Ylinen church, Ylöjärvi, Finland
  • Tiedonsiivet (Wings of knowledge), Central school  Pirkkala municipality
  • Suopursut (Marsh teas), Osuuspankki, Rantasalmi, Finland
  • Piilopirtti (Hideaway cabin), Urkin piilopirtti Oy
  • Icon of Christ  Not-wrought-by-handOrthodox church, Tuupovaara, Finland
  • Paimen (Shepherd), Art museum of Vatican, Vatican
  • Kukka-Maria: Neitsyt-Äiti Morsian (Flower Mary; Virgin-Mother-Bride), Rehabilitation Center of the Cancer Society of South-western Finland, Turku, Finland
  • Parrat (Beards), Osuuspankki, Rantasalmi, Finland
  • Viini ja leipä (Wine and bread), Church Tabernacle, Rehabilitation Center of the Cancer Society of South-western Finland, Turku, Finland
  • Mylly (Mill), Aamulehti art collection, Tampere. Finland
  • Kalastajanpojan haave (The dream of a fisherman's son), Insurance company Turva, Tampere, Finland
  • Lukkikoski (Lukki rapids), 
  • Reino Hietaranta / town of Nokia, Finland
  • Sarinin helmi (Pearl of Sarin) Sarin house,Tampere, Finland

Grants and Awards

Mayor Rissanen giving the Pirkkala Culture Award 2011. Image: Maija-Riitta Merikanto

Italian state grant 1982

Kalevala 150-years jubilee medal 1985

USA Finland Foundation grant 1997

Häme province artist grant 1991

Pirkkala municipal culture award 1998

Pirkkala municipal Culture Award  2008 and 2011