Art in my life and my artworks of life

My personal stone age began 35 years taitelija_materiaalin_keskella.jpgago. 

I just happened to hold a piece of stone in my hand at that moment.      I began to admire it, I saw its crystals and glistening. 

The stone in my palm came to life. What eyes would that stone make!  I found a hammer, some glue and some kind of base sheet and made my first ever stone mosaic. I could not foresee, what an opening this would become.

Stone in all its natural beauty! The result is as amazing as the nuances of stone that the artist has captured.  To the question ” How do you find a perfect place for every piece of stone?”,  Luukkanen answers:   ”I do not know, I just let my intuition guide my hand.”

Ritva Luukkanen’s stone mosaics are as unordinary and inexplicable as any revelation, and her skills are acknowledged worldwide.

While hiking in Finland, Ritva Luukkanen collected both material and inspiration for her art. Images of nature, religion, children and Kalevala - the mythical epic of Finland – filled her mind.  With these thoughts, Luukkanen created stone mosaics to honor her native land. 

However, stones are merely and instrument for Luukkanen while creating these magnificent works of art. Even though not as easy to work with as paints and brushes, the stones  can be as well be used for expressing images.

To many of her mosaics, Ritva Luukkanen has attached a poem, and she often talks about her work using poetic representation.

The Christian faith is present in many of her works. In addition to altarpieces, Luukkanen has turned the Lord's Prayer into a book of stone weighing 63 kilos!

Behind the window of Ritva Luukkanen’s studio opens a beautiful view on a lake. Here she can create in her own peace. Unnecessary haste is not needed. 

”I’m happy when I have time to think. 

I’m never alone, but I keep myself distant, so that I could see.

If I was a part of the chaos whirling around, I would not be able to see."

         Ritva Luukkanen